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I came across this thread while looking for something completely unrelated, BUT have had this happen a few times now. A couple concerns come to mind.
1) oil weight, I don't use 0-anything oil in any vehicles. I believe the ONLY reason manufacturers went to this is for less internal power loss for better mileage. I use 5-20 oil. Yes, my oil was low from lack of attention on my part. I'll, also, be changing the pcv valve I came across on here as a cause for oil consumption, which has been slowly increasing.
2) IF replacing the cam plate bolts, use grade 8. My concern about Deanno's stainless bolts, is that they are actually rather soft, about the same as a grade 5, and could shear. I don't think the load on the bolts is that great, but I never replace any fastener with one having a lower strength rating. In fact, if you have the correct torx tip to remove the factory fasteners, why replace them ?
I'd like to thank all the people who have posted on this site about similar issues to what my car is now starting to experience, with 87k on the clock. With all the knowledge on here, I hope to keep it going dependably, if I keep it. I would still like to be able to tow a 2,000k trailer, which I can't with this transmission.
1 - 1 of 128 Posts