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VVT chatter Possible remedy?

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On our 14 CR-V Ihave a short chatter 1/4-1/2 second? On some cold start ups. I started a week ago bumping the key for 1/2 second long enough to get motor to turn over but not start. Then crank to start. I have not had a chatter since. maybe this actuates vvt and gets slack out?
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VTC actuator is causing the noise. It doesn't cause any harm to the engine as per Honda, but there is a long thread about it if you use the search function.
That is what I have read. But then I heard that the chatter causes chain guides to wear out. I dont know. I was just experimenting to see if a quick crank before actually cranking to start would reduce the chatter and it seems that it does:headscratch:
I'm going thru this right now (again).

Purchased brand new, it's had synthetic oil since its first oil change at 500 miles, and every 3,500 miles thereafter. The noise started at 29k, but they couldn't duplicate it. Finally at 36k they heard it and replaced the VTC. Now at 65k the noise is back, dealer replaced the timing tensioner/chain, upon picking up my CRV it rattled. So I went back inside with a video of what just happened, and now they replaced the VTC (again). We'll see how long this one lasts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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