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2016 cr-v touring w/nav here. i have custom wallpaper in the system....i know because i am able to find it now and then on the nav screen (but never the 'small' screen).

What I need to know is how to quickly find the wallpaper option, change the paper, change it so it displays on startup; whether or not wallpaper can be added to the 'small' top screen.

While I love my new Honda, at this point 3 weeks since purchase, I DO NOT like the NAV and other media electronics. I find them not user-friendly at all. I understand that there must be a 'learning curve' with any new tech stuff. Still, Honda has put forth this system and THEN is content to provide me, as well as refer me to, inadequate instruction manuals which are generally not 'model specific'. Learning to use a new system and being give/referred to diagrams and instructions which are for another model is ridiculous!

That's my rant.....Thanks for any help!
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