I live in Omaha, NE, would consider any location. Please, no rust buckets; I can buy those here. I've owned 2 of these, both died an early death because of rust...hey, I have an idea! Let's spread tons of salt all over creation, and destroy everything we paid for that's made of metal! Then, we can mine more ore from the ground, and make more of everything, and buy it over and over again. Welcome to a place called Insanity! 😜
OK, I got off the subject, sorry...I'd really like to find a nice, well-cared-for CRV that is original and intact. I expect to pay a fair price for the right car, just try not to bruise my wallet too much. I am currently not free to pick it up, so of course, I will pay for shipping; unless you want to drive it here, and visit our World-Class Zoo ( 🐘 really!) while you're here.
Stay safe, and be kind to others; we're all going through something in this thing called Life.