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Warranty work with used parts

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The display unit (HU) in my May 2018 CR-V EXL was flashing, beeping (as others have reported), and the Apple Play stopped working so I took it to the dealer for repair. They said that they put in a new part and it was working fine. A few days later, the display unit went completely black and even the radio stopped working. I researched what part was replaced saw the one for my car cost $318. The same part was listed that cost $1,395 but it did not have an RM after the part number. I took it back to the dealer and he told me that they had installed a used part and the RM meant remanufactured. Is Honda allowed to install used parts for warranty work for a new car? Obviously, there's a huge difference in the price so that would seem to represent a difference in quality. Still waiting to see what the dealer will do next? The part is called Audio Unit and is Honda part number 39101-TLA-A42.
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Yes, remanufactured parts are totally within the terms of your warranty.

Most remanufactured units work just fine; I now that for our cars in particular, there's a software bug where Mitsubishi (who makes the audio system) has inexplicably and randomly been having dealers swap out the screen for a unit with the upgrade. (I had that problem myself, but I ended up being part of the random customers where the dealer got sent a USB stick instead, which I was fine with.)
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