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If you’re anything like us, the prospect of a sunny weekend is positively improved by the thought of getting out there with the car cleaning kit and giving your pride and joy the care and attention it deserves. Keeping your Honda CR-V clean and shiny involves a bit more than just a bucket and sponge. This process also includes waxing, polishing, and reviving.

Choosing the right car cleaning and detailing products can be a real challenge, but Rixxu has got a solution - a new line of quick and easy to use detailing products to keep your car in a shape. It includes Spray and Wipe Wax, Speed Detailer, and Revive & Shine. Our tech expert Greg has already tested them and ready to share the results with you in our new video review.

View the complete selection of Rixxu Products for Honda CR-V Rixxu™ | Seat Covers, Tonneau Covers, Automotive Accessories —
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