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I just bought my 2019 LX with ivory interior on Christmas Eve and need to cover everything to protect the seats from my four dogs.
What is the best company/ seat covers for the front sears (I know they need the open panel for air bags) and to over the rear seat (I don't need seat belt openings- )
As part of the purchase of my car- they included installation of the Honda back seat cover. That is not waterproof, and I will have that under the dog proof back seat cover I will buy after your suggestion.
They are also installing the Honda cargo liner. I am not sure what that will be like for protection for the cargo area.
Thank you

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Try doing a search on


Specific search on chewy --> proof seat covers&nav-submit-button=

You can find the same on Amazon as well -->,aps,202&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_18

My only caution to the original poster here is since you have ivory seat covers... watch reviews and product descriptions closely for instances of any dye or other colorations bleeding off the back of the pet seat covers.. and ultimately onto your new seats. It DOES happen with some products where they did not actually think this through properly.
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