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Weight Rear Tow Hook

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Hello community,
Question about how much weight the tow hook under the rear bumper can hold? I was thinking of using it to pull another vehicle that doesn't move to another area of my parking area. The vehicle trying to move is a 96 geo metro electric car conversion. It has Lead Acid Batteries and weighs more than original and is difficult to push with two dudes. If I used a tow chain would this hook be sufficient? Trying not to damage anything on either car. I have a come-a-long winch as an alternative but nothing to anchor to.
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That hook cannot pull anything. It is for tying the CR-V down while your CR-V is being transported on a flat bed only. There is no useful load it can support.

If you want to pull things with your CR-V, you'll need to install a tow hitch, or off-road recovery hooks (a tow hitch would be the cheaper option).

It's funny you mention having a Metro EV. I used to have a 97 Metro sedan that I bought to convert to EV. I never converted mine, but I liked it as a car. Good luck with it!
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