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i need help diagnosing a problem with my 2000 crv. i'm not super mechanical but am trying to learn so appreciate any help thrown my way!

it all started a few weeks ago when the security system alarm kept going off out of nowhere and nothing would turn it off unless i disconnected the battery (seemed to be triggered by midwestern winter cold). the security system has caused me problems in the past so i put the system in valet mode to prevent it from going off as much as possible. i ended up popping the hood and locating the systems speaker and snipping the wires. it solved the alarm issue.

that same day after snipping the alarm speaker wires, i took the car for an errand. when i started the car up to drive home, i heard a clicking sound coming from underneath the dashboard to the left of the steering column. the clicking sounded similar to a turn signal click, but is a little lower in tone. after pressing on the dashboard in the area of the clicking, i could get the noise to stop. it returned a few times while driving, but the pressure i applied to the dash would make it stop.

a few days later i go to start my car and it wont turn over. the dashboard clicking returns. i try to start my car several times and everytime i try and fail, i hear the clicking. eventually after applying pressure to the dashboard the clicking stops and i get my car to start. i take the battery to get tested and am advised to replace it. battery is replaced with no problems for two days.

all of a sudden i go to start my car after running some errands and it wont start, the clicking is back. when the clicking is happening, my dashboard and radio lights blink to the beat of the clicking. i can usually get my car to start when applying pressure to the dashboard, but the clicking will come back every now and again while my car is running. i have been disconnecting the battery when not driving because the clicking will come and go and the dashboard and radio lights blink and i dont want it to strain my new battery.

what in the heck is going on? is it electrical? starter? alternator? is it linked to the alarm issue or was that just a coincidence?
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