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Weird power locks behavior with remote fob...

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I noticed a few days ago that the driver's door lock stopped working on my 2004 CR-V EX. First, noticed that the remote wasn't locking/unlocking the drivers door, then noticed that the power lock switch on the door was also not moving the driver's door lock. I assume it is a bad actuator and was planning to buy and new one.

But then it got weird. When the car has been sitting for some time, the remote won't unlock the doors but the lights will flash, and the lock switch will still operate everything except the driver's door. If i start the car, then turn it off, the remote will operate all doors normally for a short amount of time, but then it won't work anymore. Sometimes it won't unlock the doors, but it will lock them. Always, the lights will flash when I press the lock button. Sometimes the horn will honk after a double lock press.

If I turn the key in the handle lock, it will operate the locks properly (except, of course, the driver's door).

I've checked the remote battery - it's at 3.055v.

Any ideas about what is going on here?:
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Hard to say without in person troubleshooting. Got a volt-meter with a peak hold setting?

Otherwise I'd say you are looking to replace the control module for the locks...

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I did that myself - your having the same issue I had. I wiggle the lock/unlock switch on the door and my FOB worked to lock and unlock but when inside it will not lock the door when the switch is used. I suspect mine is the door switch by the open handle is the issue as it no longer will lock or unlock when used. But tell us what you find with yours.
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