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Some that know me would argue I made that journey long ago but I digress. I had money down on one that would have been built the end of January, delivery around late February. While I was getting my truck serviced I lucked upon one that was already "in transit" which is apparently a meaningless term. A little more than a week later I was told that she is on a truck. So I thought any day now. I was wrong, I was very wrong. When they say on a truck that isn't like Amazon where it is on its way to be delivered but literally on a truck. Waiting for a driver. No chips, no drivers, argh!! Apparently with the storm before Christmas any anecdotal data my dealer had as to how long this process takes went right out the window.

I offered to take a crash course on driving a semi, fly up to Ontario, and drive the truck back myself. For some inexplicable reason my dealer thought I was joking, so here I am. Has anyone taken delivery of their CRV that was in transit right after Christmas that could tell me how long it took from when it was on the truck to at the dealership?
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I picked mine up this week, left the deposit on 12/19. It came from Ontario but I am in NY so it is relatively close
Please tell us the brand or tires you have.
Depending on weather Tuesday I start blacking out the chrome.
Will you also be able to black out the two front chrome grills with that material?
You mean the front fangs? Yes. I am going to start with the window trim since this will be a learning process.
Yes. Fangs is a good description.
1 - 3 of 125 Posts