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What’s better then 1? 2 maybe?

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I’m in a bit of a beautiful dilemma.

My dad has a 2007 CRV 2.0 manual top spec with beige leather in metallic black (not sure of the code name). He has had it for the past 8 years. Not a single issue, until recently I decided to fiddle with the throttle body, but that’s sorted now. I am currently using it and been loving it since 8 years ago.

I came across a 2008 CRV 2.0 automatic top spec with beige leather in white with low mileage 74000 miles (119000km), it has a full Honda service history and a 2 year mechanical warranty. It is in tip top condition, no accident history. I’m still yet to test drive it though.

I have always owned and driven manual cars.

My question is to the owners of the 3rd gen CRV auto, what is the ownership like? Maintenance? Fuel consumption on a good day? Is it CVT or traditional torque converter? Issues you’ve come across? Anything I should be aware of?

I plan on keeping this car (if I take the plunge) for a very very long time.
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I had a similar one, top spec. Regular torque converter. It is a bit slow but overall very nice to drive. My average (70/30 city/hwy) fuel consumption was 9.6L/100 km, if this unit makes sense to you. Best highway was 8.1 at 100 km/h, 7.6 at 90 km/h. I think my roof cross bars had some effect on it as everybody else reported half a liter less per 100 km.

The two biggest issues were torque converter and steering rack replacement. Both warranty. There was something wrong with the steering rack from new, it felt numb and could not hold a straight line. Initially I thought it's the characteristic of this car but I think someone in this forum said it should be very good so I borrowed my ex-gf's (identical CR-V) for a test drive and realized that something's wrong with mine. The car was out of warranty by that time but as I had been to the dealer twice with this complaint earlier they accepted the fault was a warranty case.

Other issues were mostly failing parking sensors but it had a camera so I had the sensors off and dealt with it.
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Search some of my posts--I've listed common problems with the US CR-Vs a few times already. We have two 2009s built very close together.
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