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What are the most common issues on Gen 3 CRV and often overlooked maintenance items?

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My 2011 Honda CRV SE has about 72K miles so far and it's been trouble-free. Very happy with this SUV. :doublethumb:

I have been doing oil change, break fluid change, ATF (transmission fluid) change, break pad change, engine air filter, cabin air filter, and all those "commonly" known maintenance items. I'm curious about if there is any other maintenance items that I might have overlooked? Thoughts or comments?

Also, for Gen3 CRV, if it is well-maintained, what are some of the "common" problems (or maintenance cost) with Gen3 CRV due to the age or mileage? My goal is to keep this CRV until it reaches at least 200K miles. Thanks!
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Try to get the brakes bled and evac some of the power steering fluid. And buy a grease gun with a Hypodermic needle fitting and squirt some greas into the front ball joints and tie rod ends. It will save money in the end.
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