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I was underneath my CRV and I saw these 2 plugs. They are not connected, but they look like they should be. But, they don't fit together.

At the bottom of the pic is the driver's side CV axle. The alternator is on the left.

The plug on the left is light blue. It was by itself hooked on to a bracket, facing was hooked on the little window on the left side of it, in the pic. This wire appears to come from the motor. It is pretty tight in there and I can't follow it.

The plug on the right is light gray. It was just dangling there. The O2 sensor wire (just above it in a corrugated plastic tube) goes in to a harness and this wire comes out of the harness just a few inches was just hanging there.

They are similar, but I can't see how you'd plug them in to anything. They have 8 wires going in to them.

Got any ideas?


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