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What Build Month did the 99 Model go to Gen 1.5? ...and what are the differences?

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What Month Build did the 99 Model go to Gen 1.5? ...and what are the differences?
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The main difference is the engine, more powerful.
If my information is correct, all 99-01 CR-Vs are gen 1.5. The differences are these:

The gear shifter in the automatic models went from a simple, liner P,R,N,D4,D3,2,1 to a more complicated P,R,N,D4,2,1, with an "overdrive off" button to switch between D4 and D3.

The interior went from being a multi-color light and dark gray arrangement to a single very dark shade of gray throughout.

The dark blue color was discontinued to be replaced with a brighter, more metallic blue.

The engine compression ratio was increased to give more HP.

The intake plenum was made a lot smaller (IDK why, it's just the easiest way to tell the difference when under the hood).

The CR-V SE was introduced in 2000 as an EX with painted bumpers and leather seats, so they're all gen 1.5.

There may be other differences I don't know about. The first two are why I went for a 98 CR-V instead of a later one.
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