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What kind of Differential fluid do I need 1.5T AWD

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Hello I have a 2018 EX 1.5T AWD and was curious as to what type of diff fluid I need.
I can only find that "Honda Dual Pump Fluid II" is for a 2017 model CR-V but Im not certain if anything has changed on the 18 models.

I know ill need the 18 & 20mm crush washer and 35ft lbs of torque when re-installing. However Im not sure on what type of Honda Diff fluid I need.

I do all the maintenance on all my cars and I cant seem to google anything about the type of fluid required.

Also if anyone knows the type of transmission fluid / how much is needed for a drain & refill that would be much appreciated too.
I just want to purchase everything in advance and perform the required maint when the MM tells me it needs attention.

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Thanks guys! Unfortunately, the nearest Honda depts in my area are unreliable as they provided me with oil dip sticks for a 2012 V6 Accord then a 2016 Civic for when I wanted a spare dipstick to remove the orange tip to accurately check oil levels.
I didnt provide them with my VIN to steer clear of having me purchased a spare dip stick on their records, and because of this they didnt want to look at the print outs of other Honda Parts websites. Nor offer to order them then have me come in when they're available.

The place where the CR-V was purchased told me they didnt come out with dipsticks yet since the car is still new...

Nissan/Infiniti/Acura have all been on point. But this is my first Honda and parts dept position knowledge is non-existent when applying.
However if either of you gents need Accord/Civic dip sticks LMK ill ship them to you.
I gotta ask... Why do you want your stick-buying habits to remain a secret? The VIN is used to make sure you have the correct part; parts purchases are not part of the service record.
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