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What year do the rear seats start folding flat?

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Hey! I'm looking for a new SUV and have been most interested in the CRV for quite some time for a lot of reasons but I'm also interested in determining what year the rear seats started being able to fold completely flat. This will help my make my decision. Thanks!
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In my 1st Gen 1999 CR-V you could flip the rear seat bottoms forward, remove the head resets, and then fold the rear seat backs forward to make a nearly flat cargo area.
Same in my 2nd Gen 2006.
Its supposed to be easier in my 4th Gen 2014 CR-V, as there are levers on each side of the rear cargo area that you pull that will automatically flip one side of the rear seat forward. My experience is they usually hang up on the seat belts, so you have to "help" them fold all the way flat.
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