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Wheel alignment query

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Dear all

I own a 1.5 turbo UK spec AWD 5th generation CR-V. Last few weeks I have noticed that the steering wheel is very slightly off centre, just a couple of degrees. There were potholes on the motorway in the winter months, and not totally unavoidable. I wonder if I need a wheel alignment checked.

The car otherwise drives well, no pulling or dragging to one side, no vibrations etc. 10000 miles on the clock. I have attempted to drive on a straight stretch of the motorway without my hands on the wheel, the car drives straight but the steering wheel is slightly off centre to the left, just a couple of degrees.

I have always used a external heavy old style steering lock for added security, not sure if this has affected it any way.

UK is in a lockdown, but I am a frontline health worker, and the local tyre shop will take my booking if required. They are offering various types of wheel tracking, I presume the laser guided is better which is expensive though, approximately £70. I presume I need four wheel tracking.

I would be very grateful for your suggestions. Many thanks.
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Electric steering:

Hydrolic steer

does the Calibration needs checking. I think so. you did not have a wheel alignment you simply thought hte riding did you in. Since again it's Electric and nothing was done a steer adjustment can be done 5 minutes they will realign the wheel.

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Number one rule when seeing minor steering pull... check your tire pressure on the tires. One tire being 4-5lbs low could very well cause your described symptoms... more or less....depending on tire design.
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