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I apologise 6 in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place.

Here's my question... I have a 2018 EX that had wind damage to the fenders back in March. After the repair in which the shop said they had to basically take my vehicle apart to match paint and clearcoat everything, I never really looked at the rear splash guards until recent snow from a few days ago. Where the splash guards are located, it looks and feels like a felt like material is supposed to have a covering over it. This felt like liner isn't really attached to the splash guards. My neighbor with the same vehicle as mine, appears to have a hard plastic piece that the splash guard is firmly attached to instead of felt like mine. Is my vehicle missing another covering where this felt like material is behind the splash guard? I've included a picture of the rear splash guards to show the felt area I'm referring to. Sorry if the pictures posted sideways.

The first 2 pictures were taken a few days ago after I looked at my neighbor's rear splash guards and I saw how mine look like there should be a covering over the felt. The screws don't appear to be attached to anything.
The first picture is a few days after I bought my vehicle back in March, and I was taking pictures all around it and just happen to take a picture of the rear wheels with splash guard prior to fender repair.

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