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Which add-ons or accessories do you think are the best bang for you buck?

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I want to upgrade and protect my EX as much as possible while spending the least amount of money.
So far i have added these inexpensive options..

1. Chrome Exhaust finishers
2. OEM Cargo tray
3. Mud Guards
4. Steering Wheel cover
5. Center console cover
6. Aftermarket Cargo organizer

Is there any other "quick and easy and inexpensive (relatively)" inside or out... add-ons or accessories you guys can think of? The door body mouldings i am considering.. but on the fence about them.

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i dont know if its tint or just dark glass. back windows are definitely darker than the front though.
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Just dark glass. There’s no UV protection at all. I had the front windows tinted and had clear tint applied to all the other windows to add UV protection. Also remember the sunroof if you have one too. I had it tinted since it’s regular glass. Helps with keeping the heat down in the summer and less work for the AC.

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ok thanks.. yea will look into tinting then.. i know my dealer has a $199 tint special but no idea what tint they use for it. i am sure its not top quality for that price.
Go for LLumar tint. It’s basically the one that reputable tint places use. You want to make sure you go to a tint place that knows what they’re doing. You don’t want them screwing up your electronics or damaging your door panels.

The tint place I went to is the place the dealerships take their cars when you buy tint from them. Dealerships wouldn’t go to a cheap place for their brand new cars. My entire family have had our cars tinted there and have not had a single problem at all, probably 7 vehicles now over the years.

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Paint protection so you no longer have to wax. Can also apply it to your rims and lights so water and dirt just slides off. Some people apply it to their windows but it distorts the view slightly so I didn't do it.

Went with Opti-Coat and it’s great. Repels water like crazy, no longer have to go through the process of waxing, just use quick detailer after washing and that’s it.

Door sill protectors to stop scuff marks as they no longer come standard. Got them off eBay. Look like the OEM ones minus the lights and the high cost.

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its funny.. i have been looking at every new car lately also.. high end and low end, and no recently built cars have any kind of door bumper protection anymore.
Only 10+ year old cars seem to have and kind of door mouldings or bumper protection.

One minute i think it looks good and next i think it looks outdated.. cant decide. This specific one looks like the same one that i just saw on and old 1995 Honda.

I do want some extra protection though..
The problem with moldings nowadays are that they are more decorative than protective. If someone beside you opens their door you will notice that where they hit is usually not where the mouldings are. Mouldings are usually too low to give any sort of protection.

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may I ask which product on their site store?
I went with the Opti-Coat Pro. Worth every dime.
Do you have a link to the door sills you purchased?
The seller I bought mine from doesn’t have it but here’s someone else selling the same item.

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oh ok.. so looks like we can only get these from china sellers..
Yep. That’s where mine came from. Didn’t have a problem and they shipped really quickly. Just look for a seller with good ratings. eBay also protects you just in case.

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I have been extremely pleased with these faux wood grain interior panel covers for the gear shift and console areas. I purchased through ebay

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I have an EX with the factory wood grain accents. Does this match the factory accents?

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Yes, these were made to match the factory wood grain accents, which I also have in my Touring model. The only slight difference is that these don't feel as smooth to the touch (i.e. slight matte finish). Except for that they are an extremely close match.
Thanks!!! Was it difficult to remove the old black trim around the gear shift?

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Actually, there is nothing to remove. Simply apply on top of the existing black trim. Double-sided 3M tape is provided. EASY to do and looks great, IMO.
Thanks. It doesn’t add too much height?

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What do you guys think about this?
Too much?
IMHO too much.

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Well I ordered this.. if anyone cares I will update how it works out after I install it.
Do you have a link to where you bought it?


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