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Which add-ons or accessories do you think are the best bang for you buck?

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I want to upgrade and protect my EX as much as possible while spending the least amount of money.
So far i have added these inexpensive options..

1. Chrome Exhaust finishers
2. OEM Cargo tray
3. Mud Guards
4. Steering Wheel cover
5. Center console cover
6. Aftermarket Cargo organizer

Is there any other "quick and easy and inexpensive (relatively)" inside or out... add-ons or accessories you guys can think of? The door body mouldings i am considering.. but on the fence about them.

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Just installed these lights that turn on when door is opened. Alot brighter and sharper than what I was expecting.Easy to install and runs on 3 aaa batteries


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Bought it on ebay. Here is the seller I used. Took 6 weeks to arrive to Canada. I was thinking it might be a lil too much too-but hey-wtf-they do look cool

This seller was half price of other sellers
The only other vehicle I saw these on was a new Audi ,thought it looked classy and was surprised how cheap and easy they were to install
Only ordered one set (2/pack). I may order another set for the back doors
I actually glued a small spacer onto the bottom (so it shines down on an angle) of it so it clears the edge of the door
Sure Boooey. Maybe Ill try yours for the back doors
Can you provide a link Boooey? I think I like yours better. It looks to be more "crisp" also
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