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whining noise Recall what to do?

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yep so Honda sends a recall out called Whining noise in engine.. so what does one know about this, is that mo important the the other recalls. 2 years and not sure if I can hear it.
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Yes that may been the Recall and well like a motor cycle you want to hear them not be Stealth.
It's not a recall.. it's an owner advisory. The advisory disloses an extension of the power train warranty for all owners because there have been some instances of CRVs suffereing error conditions associated with misfires, fuel too rich, or damaged/defective cams (they even provide the specific OBDII codes to be alert for. For those owners whose CRV exhibits any of the listed problems.. there is a TSB to address it, and they simply need to take their advisory letter along with their CRV to the nearest dealer for warranty service.

Note: It is actually the damaged/defective cams that are the cause of the "whirring noise". In some ways.. this is a bad choice of terms by Honda... because different people perceive different noises from their CRVs.. so Honda will likely incur some false positives reported by owners which will cause frustration for both dealers and owners. Honda provides a comparative sound file to dealers of exactly what the "whirring noise" sounds like as part of the relevant TSB.
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