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White Bulbs?

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Hello everyone,
When I bought my CRV I didn't realise it had the old fashioned reflector lights with yellow bulbs. I had assumed (lesson learned there!) that it had more modern headlights with lenses - the other models I test drove did not have yellow lights like this. The photo doesn't really show how yellow they are. Has anyone found a bulb that makes the lights match the daytime running LEDs? I've seen LED bulbs on Amazon but when you read the description they all say they aren't road legal in the UK! Is there a legal way to make the main bulbs match the white light of the LEDs without replacing the whole headlight units (which I'm loathe to do)?
Thanks 馃槉


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Yes they are regular halogen bulbs. The higher spec models have Xenon low beams and halogen mains and fogs. The xenons are white.

I dont think there is a legal way to achieve what you want, you either have to use HID or LED which I guess your reflectors are not designed for.

You could try the likes of the Osram Night Breaker or Philips X-treme Vision bulbs they should be whiter and brighter!

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I looked at a few CR-V's before settling on the SR model, one of the deciding factors was the Xenon lights.

Coming from Accords (not Type S) the low beam halogens were really dissapointing and I was surprised to find out that not all of the CR-V's have Xenon as standard.
4th Gen only has:

S / SE / SR / Black Edition / EX

Only the SR/EX had Bi-Xenons (prefaclift) and single Xenons in the facelift like yours.

I can guarantee you the SE spec you saw did not have factory Xenons because they dont exist.

Of course you CAN change the bulbs, but unless you swap them back each year for your MOT, or you forget, its a hassle not worth doing. On reflection, I'd have gone for the top trim EX.
Would it be an idea to have a sticky thread to contain the different models and its variants, from MkI to present.

Maybe we could also upload PDF's of the sales brochures etc.

I think they do that over on civinfo forum
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Yea I'd be happy to work on it, we could put the material in your "Resources" thread !?

The value may not be measurable though, it would serve just as reference, it doesnt have to be commented upon.

I would primarily look for PDF's and/or images of brochures.

PS: apologies Persephone for hijacking your thread.
Excellent @TheDarkKnight this is something I also want to do in my list of possible mods
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