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Why did you Choose the Hybrid?

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I'm curious about why people here made the decision to go with the hybrid drive.
In my case it was NOT the mileage, I would have gone with the hybrid if it got the same, or even lower, mileage than the 1.5T.
I liked the mechanically (but not electronically) simpler drive train.
I have no experience with turbos, GDI or CVTs. There's nothing wrong with them, they are proven technologies, but I know more about induction motors and inverters than I do about those. I'm an electronics tech far more than I am a mechanic, and I am more comfortable with what I understand.
Since I wanted AWD anyway, the upcharge for the hybrid was only about $1200, hardly noticeable from $30K.
I love the smooth power delivery. I did drive the 1.5T first. When I drove the hybrid I knew I was going to buy it before I got off the dealer's lot (but didn't tell them that of course).
Since I bought during Covid, I was able to test drive by myself, a new experience for me, no sales pitches, but they weren't needed.
They weren't letting just anybody take off with a new car, but I had bought from them in the past, and was a steady service customer, so I guess they trusted me.
Why did you opt for the hybrid?
Inquiring minds want to know.
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I liked the extra power, standard AWD, and only the hybrid comes with parking sensors.
Sometimes I feel for US-buyers getting a raw deal spec-wise compared to us in the UK.....
Well you are paying considerably more than we do. You should get something for it.
I suppose there is that.....(wallet is still crying....) LOL
Not likely to help their UK sales.
That ship has long since sailed for us...sales in the UK for Honda have been shrinking for years....

Suspect he meant "standard" features....slip of the keyboard methinks :)
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Not to be "that" person, but references to OD removed.

This topic has gone way off point. Can this horsepower discussion be moved to a new topic?

Please now all stay on topic. Off topic stuff moved here.
I have seen several posts saying crv hybrid doesn't have CVT, is that true ?
Cuz on my dealer's website, its says: TRANSMISSION: CVT
You may wish to read:

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after 2 days of owning hybrid crv, most annoying part is the sound that it makes on low speeds!!
Extensive thread here:

Please search.
Glad you are enjoying your new machine :)
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Does CRV hybrid have auto closing side mirrors using a button or something ?
Only on UK/EU models AFAIK.
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I suspect we will get little sympathy from our UK and EU members though.

I filled up about 3wks ago....£1.49.9 per litre.

Need to refuel in the next few days...I doubt very much that pricing has gone south.....
They offer the hybrid in 2wd over there?
Yes, 2WD Hybrid has been available in the UK since its launch :)
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Interesting video on x-overs, suv's and AWD vs 2WD. He's not a fan of x-overs anyway and prefers stationwagons (estate cars in the UK) but some very good advice on what to choose, if your market allows it.
Mr Kilmer is person non-grata here and thus links to his video has been removed.
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I always thought he seemed to know what he is talking about
Best advice is to completely block him from your YouTube musings/viewings - if only because he is no authority at all on Honda's.

Anyway, back to the thread...

Why else did folks pick the CR-V Hybrid??
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Havent removed the link, just made it not clickable. Folks can copy/paste if they wish but we're not making it clicky to feed his channel.

And yep, lets get back to the topic as @HONDA-UK-DUDE says :)
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Sort of back on subject, our neighbours right at the front of our road have been a bit aloof recently since we got our brand new CRV. Anyway, looks like they also have a new car too now.... :ROFLMAO: honestly....:unsure::ROFLMAO:
Imagine they rock up in a White CR-V Hybrid!!
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Looks like they bought a 71 plate MG HS
Words. Fail. Me. 🤦‍♂️😂
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Most Brits wouldnt know WTH to do with a jack anyway except look at it and start crying!
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