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Great look!

So far ride is great much better over bumps and rough road and handling feels better as well...I feel like I have more grip
I REALLY like the look of the new tires. What pressure are you running?

I just put a set of Michelin Latitude Tour, 235/65/17 on my '10. They look OK, handle better, BUT BIG MISTAKE! The ride is way more harsh than even the Duelers I took off! Every little bump in the road is transferred to a different part of the vehicle depending on speed.

I have tried the full range of air pressure from the sidewall spec of 44 to 28 in 1-pound increments. They do smooth out some at lower pressure but below 29 they get worse. And at 29 they feel mushy and steering is much harder. 30 as on the door post placard is also terrible. Looks like 33 to 34 is optimum but still nerve racking even on smooth pavement. All pressures are referenced to cold tires at 70 degrees F.

They are so bad I am looking to get rid of them! But haven't a clue what to put on instead.

I am glad yours are working!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts