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Window Rain Guards

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Yesterday I was running my 2016 CRV thru some intermittent rain with the windows partially open (my preference, fresh air vs. the AC) and water drops were working their way inside. Note: I also frequently park with the windows slightly open.

In the past I've been happy with the WeatherTech brand (so I am inclined to lean towards them) - but old(er) age caution tells me that I should at least inquire before spending my money.

WT: $100,
OEM: $160,

Are there any strong recommendations /preferences here?
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Based on my past successes with WeatherTech products I went with them.

As many reported the rears (as shipped) didn't fit well. Before pulling the adhesive strips I used some tin snips and slightly trimmed back the trailing edge until they made a good fit within the window channel. The directions say to leave the windows closed for 12 hours (so I went w/ 50 hours - just to be safe). Subsequently they survived a 200 mile road trip.

Total installation time took perhaps 20 min.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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