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Some dresses and some pants DON’T HAVE BELT LOOPS!!!
Then use a neck strap... just like is used for employee badges. Thing is.. even then.. if you do anything that triggers the correct button getting pushed and held down.. the problem will happen again. So even this suggestion is not bullet proof.

Basically.. what causes this unintended trigger of rolling down the windows is when the Fob qets squished and the button depressed in a pocket or purse. It can be a particular issue for women who carry around a packed purse all the time.

I put a silicone sleeve on mine and have never had an issue, but such a sleeve can still allow something to pinch down on a button and trigger the event if I put my key chain in a packed pocket.

My wife though did have this issue one time on her 2018 Accord and when I looked into it with her.. I found she had way too many keys on the same key chain as her Fob AND choose to keep sticking them in a tiny zipper pocket in her purse. So.. I had her put her Fob on a separate key chain and in it's own little zippered area of her purse and all the other keys elsewhere in her purse. She has never a problem again. As an added precaution... she has learned to look back at her vehicle when she is past Fob range and insure her windows are still up.

Note: the only fool proof way to prevent this is to put your Fob in one of those hardsided RF protection boxes for keys, credit cards, etc. Problem is.. now you have to find that box, and open it in order for the Fob and vehicle to recognize each other.. so I recommend against that.. and instead just be more prudent in how and where you keep your Fob on you. So.. the best solution is a Fob case with a closeable hard plastic cover plate where the buttons are... but I have yet to see one on the market. If I were into being a small business inventor.. I would design and market one. :) Heh... WeatherTech is expanding it's products beyond floor liners and cup holders... now making dog food dishes, and even COVID face covers.. so maybe WeatherTech will step up on this. /fingers crossed.

Since this feature is not a safety or critical system feature, Honda really should add a feature to their vehicles to allow users to disable it if they choose. Time will tell if Honda believes it is a big enough issue in the field to warrant doing so.
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