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Hey all,
I am on the hunt for winter tires and rims. I found the tires for a great price installed at Costco, but the issues they don't have rims available in store.
The stats that I found for mine are: (If this info is in correct please tell me.)
PCD: 5X114.3
Center Bore: 64.1
Offset: 50
Mounting: Nut - 12 X1,50
Wheel torque steel: 108 Nm / 80ft-lb
Wheel torque Alloy: 108 Nm / 80ft-lb
Possible tires: 215/70R16
225/65R17 - This is on the door sticker

I have found rims for 16' with all the same info above, just the Offset is 40.
Can this rim be used safely on this vehicle or do I need to get a rim with 50 Offset?
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