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Hey guys new to the forum.. Couldn't find a post relating to this so thought I'd make my own and share what I've done so far on my 97 CR-V.

Under the hood:
-NGK wire set #8041

-NGK iridium IX spark plugs #2477

-GB Remanufacturing fuel injectors #84212192

-Cold air intake
Made from 3" turbo piping peices I had laying around

-Enginetech Full engine gasket set #HO20K1

-All motor mounts: From "Westar"
Front right #EM8575
Front left #EM8709
Rear #EM8897
Left #EM8982

-Transmaxx shift improvement kit #T80168A

-Standard Motor Products trans lockup Tourq converter switch #TCS82

-Full A/C system delete

-Cruise control delete

Braking and Handling
-Mevotech sway bar end links
Front #MK90667
Rear left #MK90669
Rear right #MK90668

-Mevotech sway bar bushings
Front #MK90533
Rear #MS60823

-Powerstop Performance brake rotor set (slotted and drilled) front
Set #JBR528XPR

-AKEBONO performance brake pads

-Standard Motor Products ABS speed sensors
Front left #ALS962
Front right #ALS961

-Trakmotive CV axle assembly
Front left #HO8021
Front right #HO8089

That dose it so far.. I have a bunch of sensors and other parts that still need to install.
I also plan on lowering it 3"-4" And I have some 18x8 Vlox Apex rims that are going on when it's lowered..
I got this CR-V as payment for my labor on a transmission I rebuilt... So basically got it free just had to do about 10hrs of work to get it.
Hope you enjoy the post. More to come soon!
P. S sorry for the night time pics.. I work 9-5 in an auto parts warehouse so not a lot of time in the daylight to work on the car/take pics


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