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New to this forum. Tremendous amount of great info. Looking to buy a CRV. As has been posted previously, I have concern spending $30k with a potential issue .
I live in So Calif with rare visits to the snow, so low temp is not a factor for southern californians. Since ambient temp is a factor as well as short trips, I am hoping a poll can be devised
1) do you have fuel dilution 2) do you live in an area with very cold weather...below 40 F or 4 degrees Celcius 3) are most of your trips greater than 10 miles
In general, most owners dont visit forums, the forum followers are more inclined to investigate more and actually check their oil levels because they are more aware.
Your assitance is requested. Hoping this poll can help determine if those living in temperate climate rarely have fuel dilution ( there is at least one post from someone in Arizona).
Thanks all
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