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Wow, 980,000 Miles On A Honda CRV and Still Going Strong

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Hello Fellow CRV Neighbors,

Have you all seen this video of a man driving his CRV here in the US (Tulsa, OK) and hitting 980,000 miles? This is mind blowing to say the least. These CRV's are amazing. I know they are known for longevity but this is beyond anything. No engine or transmission work performed on this CRV. So, just take good care of your baby and it most likely may outlive you LOL. I am only at 122,000 miles, so my CRV will absolutely out live me. I wonder if anyone here has made it to 300,000 plus miles? What a vehicle!
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A few years back, Honda made a big deal out of Million Mile Joe, who put over 1 million miles on his Accord. I think it was 20 years old, and he put on over 50,000 miles a year as an insurance claims adjuster. The one thing that made his mileage legit was that he kept all records, including a logbook, of all of his maintenance and repairs. They gave him a new Accord after a ceremony in his hometown. I only say "legit" because on the old mechanical speedometers, it is nothing to go in and change the mileage by rotating the cylinders.

My '97 made it to almost 290k miles but I "retired" it due to numerous problems, and rust. The worst of it is the transmission--there is something wrong with the parking pawl getting stuck in park, so I have to leave it parked in neutral (with the brake on, as always). Paying to get it repaired would cost way more than the '97 is worth, so I'm looking to replace the leaky oil pan (it's rusted through) and just sell it off as a mechanic's special, or just drive it to the junkyard (after taking off the nearly new tires).
Hey Wildcat,

Your CRV did well to get almost 290k miles on that '97. I would imagine with such long heavy winters cars collect rust easily in MI. Perhaps your 2009 EX-L will go the long distance too.

I have not heard of Million Mile Joe before, I will go look him up. Honda must be tickled to have him in the driver's seat.
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