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Wrapping the Dash & center console with leather & alcantara Cr-v MK2 2006 ICTDI

Everyone driving a CR-V mk2 have probably noticed the low quality of the plastic used everywhere in the vehicle... even for the dash!
I know that probably is silly spending a lot of money on a car that year for interior improvements so I have decided to save few hours of labor on the guys doing the wrapping job by removing the dash.
Now that appears to be more difficult than expected, I tried to find some info online on that subject but I couldn't find anything.
I have few questions now..

Is it worth doing the upgrade ?
How to remove the dash ? How difficult it is ?

How to remove the side air vents as a start? .... really want to get that dust cleaned :)?

P.S. I have attached couple of pics so you can have a look at what my idea is:
Oh and I also want to have the steering wheel done as well.
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