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XM radio harness for 2015 CRV w/ Nav

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So I recently upgraded my factory head unit to Pioneers AVIC-8500NEX unit. I bought the idatalink kit and hooked it up to my maestro rr2. The harness for the XM radio antenna does not work with a 2015 CRV. The stock connector is different from the fakra harnesses that I find. I have the Sirius XM SXV300v1 Tuner to go with my new head unit. I'm trying to see if anyone has manufactured one or knows where I can get one made for me. I have the XM Radio tuner for my car. I just really don't want to have to route a whole new harness for the antenna. I have attached pics of the harness. I'm pretty sure it plugs into the green connector. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum! You could check with Crutchfield and see if they have an adaptor or something.
That was the first place that I went. I bought my head unit and all the harnesses from Crutchfield. They do not have anything for this type of connector. I also cannot find anything online with this connector for my car. Just the standard circular ones.
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